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Today’s post is going to be a few things. First and foremost, it’s an announcement post for all of the episodes for the month of July! If you want to play along, but you don’t have time to get in this week’s story, you can now plan ahead and submit stories for future weeks’ episodes. After the July sentences, I’ll include the text from the story I wrote for the sentence, “I don’t think I can eat another one of these today.” If you want to hear how I came up with it & hear me read it, check out the podcast! I’ll include a link before the story.

July 6: Once he said it, he couldn’t unsay it. (Story Due: July 3, midnight)

July 13: Most days I take the left one, today I’m taking the right. (Due: July 10, midnight)

July 20: They kissed; passion on their lips, vengeance in their heart. (Due: July 17, midnight)

July 27: He hits his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

Make sure to send your stories or first sentence suggestions to!

Link to the June 29 episode, “I don’t think I can eat another one of these today”:

Read the story after the jump!


I don’t think I can eat another one of these today.

“I don’t think I can eat another one of these today,” she said. And I believed her. It had been a few minutes since I’d looked at her face, but now that I was looking at her again, I could see the sweat pouring down her face.

“Whoa,” I said. “You don’t look so good.”

Her face was a tomato. Or maybe that was just the LSD kicking in. A sweaty, red tomato with blue hair pouring down the sides of her face, sticking to her forehead and cheeks instead of dangling beside her ears or frizzing out like it sometimes did on cloudy days.

“I don’t feel so good.”

“How many did you eat?”

“Just the one bag.”

But the bag looked a lot bigger than I remembered it being. “Is that…?”

“Yeah, I went back and grabbed the family-sized.”

“Did you eat the entire bag?!”

“I think my tongue is sweating.”

“I don’t know what to do. Should we Google it?”

“I can’t open my phone. I think my fingerprint was burned off.”

“No, you just still have Cheeto dust on it.”

“Oh, man. I think I’m a dragon.”

“Was a family-sized bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos the best idea right before taking LSD for the first time?”

“I will burn this city to the ground!”

I didn’t know what to do. This giant blue-haired tomato was covered in cheeto dust and was about to smash my Lego Castle to bits. I wanted to stop her, but my legs had turned into a puddle of water and the rest of my body was sinking and I was about to drown.

I was fully submerged. I looked up, through the surface of the water, but I couldn’t hear her anymore. There were shimmering lights between us, and I could see her, almost in slow-motion, completely annihilating the castle. Before my eyes, her tomato-head grew a dragon’s body. Her cheeto-dust covered hands sprouted into wings that were literally on fire, and she beat her wings against the surrounding air and took off. Immediately, I felt the flames wash over me, burning away the water, instantly changing it to vapor. I felt my skin heat up and I think some part of me knew that it was actually just Cheeto-dust. That I wasn’t being burned alive by a tomato-dragon. But I have to tell you, it felt real.

The dragon was flying through the air, reaching toward the sky, splitting it into pieces. Like a bullet through a windshield, the dragon shattered the bedroom ceiling, which swirled through the air and turned into flower petals as the tomato dragon disappeared into the distance.

I was either completely overjoyed or utterly devastated, and I wasn’t sure which, but I could feel hot tears pouring my emotions down my face.

“Goodbye, Emily!” I called after her. For many years she’d been my best friend. But now, she was a tomato-dragon in another dimension.

“What are you talking about?” her voice came to me as though she was all around me. Like she had evolved into the universe itself. “Dude, are you leaving?”

“No,” I said, my heart filling with love. “But you’ve already gone.”

“I put my code into the phone. It says I should drink milk.”

“Yes,” I said, contentment washing over me. “Drink the milk of eternity, my tomato-dragon.”

For a thousand years, there was only silence. I devolved into a larvae state. My existence was beginning anew as the universe reset. I could feel my thorax beginning to twitch for the first time.

“Is there milk in your fridge?”

She had returned! From within the echoes of eternity, I had transcended time as well, and could communicate with Em-atodragon by merely opening my speech hole.

“That all depends,” I said, a glint of cleverness in my eyes, “on when you are.”

“I’m just gonna go check.”

And I felt the weight of the world fall away.

I whispered into the dark void of forever: “Drink the milk of eternity, my tomato dragon.”